tarus6riBiking is a fun way for children of all ages to get active and stay fit. Most children learn to ride a tricycle at around 3 years of age. Between 4 and 7 years of age most children learn to ride a bike. However, remember that each child is different and will learn to ride a bike at his or her own pace.

Biking can be an athlete’s primary sport, as well as a way for athletes to cross-train and avoid overuse injuries. Injured athletes often use biking to stay in shape during rehabilitation before returning to their sport.

While not all injuries can be prevented, the risk of injuries can be reduced. The following is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) about how to choose a bike and prevent biking injuries. Also included is an overview of common biking injuries.

How to choose a bike

Parents should choose a bike that allows the child to sit on the seat and touch both feet on the ground. Also, while standing there should only be a few inches between the top center bar of the bike and the child’s inner groin or crotch

Baseball Drill for Kids

qqqDivide all infielders into 2 groups. One group goes to shortstop and the other group goes to second base. Players on both sides of second base will be positioned according to double play depth. The coach will stand next to the mound on the shortstop side with a bucket of balls. He will either roll or hit a ground ball to the shortstop who will field the ball and make a good throw to the second baseman standing on second base.

After throwing the ball, the shortstop goes to the end of the line at second base. After catching the throw, the second baseman goes to the end of the line at shortstop. The coach can move to the second base side of the pitcher’s mound halfway through the drill.

Key Teaching Points

Positioning: The middle infielders will position themselves eight steps off second base and 11 steps back from the baseline. This will put them approximately in double play depth. Both players should be approximately 20 feet from bag.

Pre-Pitch Set Up: All players should be in a good athletic position with their feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed, hands in front of chest and


basketball_14306_600x450Basketball is a game played by two teams where each team consists of 5 players. The essence of the game is trying to find the value or number as much as possible by inserting a ball into a basket (basketball) opponent. In playing the ball, the player can drive the ball, hit the ball with the palms up, throw or dribble in all directions in a basketball arena permainan.Bola very suitable for viewing because it is usually played in the indoor sports hall and requires only a relatively small pitch. view full post »